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VinnCorp Simplified HRSG’s User Journey & Drove up Organic Website Traffic - HRSG Web Development Case Study

With more than 30 years of experience serving businesses, HRSG provides reliable HR services, including full support for infrastructure development, staffing, business systemization, and overall corporate efficiency methods.

HRSG believes in keeping firms from hectic and stressful hiring cycles. So they can focus on other significant tasks and scale their business.

HRSG’s Website Wasn’t as Flawless as Their Customers Expected

While HRSG is popular for hiring top-notch resources for companies, they weren’t able to satisfy their online customers and get high traffic.

They noticed that the users landing on their website were bouncing back. The engagement ratio on the website was also low, which appeared alarming to them.

After a thorough analysis of their website, they encountered a challenging user interface as the primary reason for users bouncing back.

They took note of this problem and got in touch with team VinnCorp to get our website development and have a detailed evaluation of their site to propose a possible solution.

VinnCorp’s Conversion Rate Optimization Experts Identified Root Cause of Users Dropping Off: Unresponsive Key User Interface Components

At the request of HRSG, our team performed an analysis of their website. Our CRO expert skimmed the top 5 competitor sites to understand better their design, theme, and performance – and where the HRSG’s website lacks.

During a thorough inspection, he detected that the website’s outdated interface was a major drawback. It was less responsive and took a chunk of time to load – resulting in users bouncing back. On mobile phones, the user interface did not render clean enough for modern-day users. In fact, it didn’t align with the core values and vision of the company.

Additionally, users had to go through a long steps process to perform a single action that elongated their journey and kept them from staying on the web page for long.

To overcome it, our web design expert first drafted an appealing and easy-to-navigate design for their website and suggested the addition of 17 new web pages, including a blog, about us, and contact us. The entire process of analysis, design thinking, and planning elongated to 3 weeks before proposing the idea to HRSG.

HRSG appreciated the design and idea of integrating new pages to make their website streamlined.

Revamping of HRSG’s Site Turned Out Exclusive and Satisfactory

After being satisfied with the design, HRSG asked us to deploy a website developer on it to build a responsive, user-friendly, immersive website. On their request, we dedicated a website developer to HRSG’s site, and he suggested adding 17 new pages to satisfy both their clients and applicants.

Our website developer commenced working on the homepage first. The old homepage had a static banner. He integrated a video in it and a testimonial section – to add a hint of reliability to their service.

Once the homepage was in good shape, he started developing other landing pages. Finally, in a short time of 1.5 months, he was ready to launch the new website of HRSG that included a job portal.

To give their job applicants a clear message, he also defined the services pages in-depth. HRSG reflected satisfaction when he demonstrated the new website.

VinnCorp Optimized HRSG’s Website on Search Engines and Ranked it

Once the website went live, HRSG wanted to have maximum traffic. While it appeared challenging to HRSG, VinnCorp’s SEO experts were confident in optimizing their site, and get HRSG ranked on search engines.

Our team of SEO experts began with searching keywords with high search volume and low keywords difficulty for writing blogs on them. With the help of our content writer, they drafted SEO-friendly articles on these keywords.

Along with publishing these blogs, they started building links of high quality to help the blogs rank and drive traffic. Meanwhile, they kept tracking the performance of blogs and integrated keywords.

After a couple of months, these keywords were ranked on search engines, deriving the users who engaged with the content.

Today, HRSG is creating and managing job applications and thriving in its space through VinnCorp’s assistance in developing a seamless website that is deriving maximum traffic and getting potential leads.