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VinnCorp Built Engro’s MVP Portal, Accessed by 3,710+ Users for their Day to Day Operations


Engro, established in 1965 as a fertilizer business, has evolved into five verticals: Food & Agriculture, Energy & Related Infrastructure, Petrochemicals, Telecommunication Infrastructure, and International Trading. The company demonstrates a commitment to diverse and sustainable growth. With a strong workforce, Engro maintains a progressive approach towards global standards.

The Problem

Engro offered 98+ applications to their employees for coordination and carrying out daily tasks. All these applications were logged in separately or through a system consisting of a few specific applications. This emphasized their employees to bookmark frequently used applications.

Finding the bookmarked application and logging in to each of them was time-consuming for their team. They had to repeat the tedious task of accessing applications daily. Considering it as a hindrance to their team’s productivity, Engro sought a vendor expert to create a single sign-on system for their applications and found VinnCorp ideal.


Team VinnCorp requested Engro the demo of their day-to-day application logging-in process and existing system. Additionally, we operated their system to better understand its appearance and performance as a user.

We discovered that a range of applications were accessed out of their system. On logging in, we also noticed that their system’s look and feel were outdated. While the UI UX was subpar, failing to provide an intuitive and pleasant user experience.


To make their user experience seamless, we researched 12+ local and international employee management systems. This provided us with valuable insights into creating an intuitive and user-friendly system for Engro’s employees. We also performed this research to gather ideas, innovate Engro’s system, and develop strategies to avoid pitfalls and errors.


One + One

After 2 months of requirement analysis and research, the wireframe of Engro’s MVP portal system was ready. We sent these wireframes to team Engro for review and approval. Engro was influenced by them and requested us to develop the system immediately.




We developed two themes for Engro’s MVP portal system, including “Revolver” and “Classic.” So, their employees can choose one of these themes for their dashboard according to their choice.

The dashboard included 8 navigational options and allowed their users to bookmark their favorite or frequently used apps. It also displayed Engro’s stock, daily weather, and team meetings as widgets.

Revolver theme

Classic theme

The Final Product And Result

Team VinnCorp developed Engro’s system within 5 months. We used Angular for the front end and Java Spring Boot for the backend development. This system is now used by Engro’s 3,170+ users, increasing employee efficiency, and productivity, all while saving time.

Bringing It All Together

Engro’s team faced a challenge to access diverse applications for their daily operations. VinnCorp deeply analyzed their requirements, proposed developing an MVP portal, and built it precisely. This system has not only increased team Engro’s efficiency but increased their productivity and saved a fraction of time.

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