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VinnCorp Saved $30,000 Through Building a POS System


SalesTree is an advanced Point of Sale (POS) system that streamlines inventory management and transaction processes for multiple industries. With its user-friendly interface and robust features, SalesTree empowers businesses to enhance operational efficiency, all while saving costs.


When it had no existence, the SalesTree team approached VinnCorp. They and various other companies were facing operational hurdles, including manual processes, an inefficient transaction system, and limited inventory visibility. These obstacles hampered their growth potential and overall operational efficiency.


Understanding their goals and requirements, VinnCorp thoroughly researched the market and its gaps. This was followed by meticulous planning, refining strategies, and crafting custom mockup designs. Leveraging Java and Angular technologies, VinnCorp undertook the development phase of the POS system with precision, culminating in rigorous testing.


After 8 months of dedicated design and development, VinnCorp built a remarkable Point of Sales, SalesTree. Through the integration of a tailor-made POS system, operational efficiency was drastically improved. This translated to tangible time and cost savings. The system is used by team SalesTree and companies in the pharmacy, retail, and multiple other industries.

Bringing It All Together

VinnCorp built a robust POS system for SalesTree. This system has streamlined operational processes and ushered in a new era of efficiency and growth. Not only does the interface of this system is seamless, but it is also saving $30,000 annually for pharmacies, retail businesses, and convenience stores industries.

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