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VinnCorp’s Collaboration with Tajammul Accelerated their Success


Tajammul is a complete eCommerce solution that provides users with seamless online delivery services for food, grocery, and other essential products. Their vision was to create a digital platform where local vendors and users could register.

The Problem

They aimed to enable vendors to showcase their services and products while offering users the opportunity to purchase the best products available. Tajammul was in search of a trusted company to bring their ambitious vision to life when they came across VinnCorp. After conducting a detailed meeting with VinnCorp and witnessing their vision aligning, they trusted us as their ideal mobile app development partner.

The Challenges

VinnCorp had to build an intuitive, user-friendly interface that allows users to navigate the platform effortlessly. We also needed to integrate a secure notification system and OTP verification process to ensure the safety of transactions, user information, and confidence. To offer a smooth shopping experience, the application needed a comprehensive order history feature. While to ease finding the best services and products, we were also planning to implement a sophisticated filtering system.

Shopping Made Easy

The Roadmap

With a commitment to excellence, VinnCorp developed a seamless mobile application with 360 degrees features for Tajammul within a span of 6 months. This robust application boasted a plethora of features aimed at enhancing the user experience and bridging the gap between vendors and customers.

The Solution

We developed a cutting-edge mobile application for Tajammul. Its intuitive and feature-rich design increased user engagement and satisfaction. This constituted a surge in Tajammul’s revenue as more users embraced the platform for their daily needs.

Bringing It All Together

The collaboration between Tajammul and VinnCorp marked a turning point in the eCommerce industry. VinnCorp delivered a world-class mobile application that played a pivotal role in Tajammul’s success story. By providing a seamless user experience, enhanced security, and innovative features, VinnCorp propelled Tajammul to become a leading eCommerce solution.

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