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VinnCorp (formerly SOCOL Corp) is a technology firm based in California, USA. With over 50 satisfied customers around the globe, we thrive to boost our customers in their Digital Transformation journey and empower them with the latest technology-based solutions that improves their business efficiency and growth.

Seeking the power to revive your business immediately?

While VinnCorp has the influence to act as a remedy to organizational weariness; culture, technology, exposure, approach, and skillset are the elements that compels the change - and eventually enable you to enlarge effectively.

Success is in growth or efficiency, or both.

At VinnCorp, our technical craftsmanship includes web development, mobile app development, system integration, data migration and cloud deployment. Having a diversified experience in industries like Social Services, Financial Services, Automobiles, Insurance, Construction, SMEs, Health, and Education, we specialize in FinTech and Social arenas. We have won two prestigious awards and got selected in Top 100 companies around the world in Startup Istanbul 2020.

Strategy precede technology in terms of significance. And we have got millions of happy customers to back this opinion. With proven technology and solutions, VinnCorp's highly qualified teammates strives, innovate and evolve to meet the future. Our experts are experienced in Microsoft HQ, SalesForce HQ, VMware, Oracle and Microsoft. They ensure a flourishing future for our customers by enhancing their business resilience and growth rate.

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