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Comparing ChatGPT with other AI Copywriting Tools: Pros and Cons

March 24, 2023
In a flash, ChatGPT gained 1 million users within a week of its launch in November 2022. It was introduced as one of the finest AI chatbots which could help […]

How to Manage Remote Employees Effectively?

March 24, 2023
In today’s digital age, remote work has become increasingly popular,with a whopping 26% of American residents working remotely as of 2022, according to Zippia. This shift from traditional on-site jobs […]

100 Best Companies to Work for a Principal Software Engineer by Total Comp

March 10, 2023
A survey report shows 61% of Principal Software Engineers prefer working at a public company. While 38% of Principal Software Engineers reflect their interest in private companies, the rare 1% […]

The Ultimate Guide to Staff Augmentation: What You Need to Know

February 24, 2023
For growing companies, it’s frequent to have a fluctuating workload. Sometimes, they need extra hands and heads to assist and meet the deadline. However, running short on workspace or resources […]

10 Ways to Improve Your Software Development Process

February 13, 2023
Companies need to use specific procedures, equipment, and project management techniques to produce the software product on time and within a specified budget. The quicker the product is to market, […]

11 Incredibly Useful Tips To Drive High Team Performance

February 6, 2023
Building a solid team is the first step in leading your business toward success. The second step is to keep your team performance high so it drives results. Note that […]

A Step-by-Step Guide to Project Management Process

February 2, 2023
A smart project management process is the need of the hour. Studies confirm that 77% of businesses are successful in meeting their desired goals when applying a systematic approach.  Apparently, […]

12 Must-Have Flutter Developer Tools That Will Simplify Your Life

January 30, 2023
Does the Flutter framework make your heart race? If so, you’re not the only one. You have every reason to be thrilled about Flutter and interested in Flutter app development, […]

12 Surefire Ways to Boost Your Project Management Skills

January 30, 2023
To keep a project moving forward from inception to conclusion, a lot of wheels must be turning. It might be difficult to balance everything, from deadlines to team members. There […]

Staff Augmentation: 10-Step Outsourcing Model to Expand Your Team

January 20, 2023
According to research, firms usually take around 36 days to complete the hiring process for an individual. This means hiring a candidate will consume a chunk of your valuable time […]

The 10 Top Benefits of Outsourcing Application Development

January 20, 2023
Having outsourcing teams is advantageous for businesses. It is a business concept that helps companies grow and expand now more than ever. Your team is likely working on far tougher […]

What Your Digital Marketing Strategy Is Missing and What to Do About It

January 11, 2023
Based on a survey conducted, it is estimated that 63.1% of the world’s population is an internet user. However, 59.7% of them are frequent social media users. This reflects that […]

Top PHP Frameworks For Modern Web Developers in 2023

November 25, 2022
Although PHP programming language and its frameworks are popular, each of its frameworks might not meet your requirement for development. According to Wikipedia, there are 37 PHP frameworks, so how do […]

10 Innovative & Inspiring Examples of Augmented Reality in Marketing

November 18, 2022
You must already know the importance of eating three meals a day. But, did you know that AR (Augmented Reality) will one day be as essential as three meals in […]

What is Java Used for Today: 7 Reasons Why You Should Learn Java

November 7, 2022
Do you want to pursue a career in software development? To become a professional developer, you need to have a firm grip over at least one programming language. Although programming […]

4 Primary Factors to Consider for Selling Products & Services

November 7, 2022
It is about revenue growth – that’s what I have been hearing for long years. However, in reality, our focus is vast. Growth is all about sales, while businesses aren’t […]

5 AI Copywriting Tools to Make Writing Content Easier

November 4, 2022
Are you a content writer experiencing writer’s block or a business owner looking for tools to produce high-quality marketing content? Well, whatever the case is if you are reading this […]

100 Best Companies to Work for a Principal Software Engineer by Total Comp

November 1, 2022
A survey report shows 61% of Principal Software Engineers prefer working at a public company. While 38% of Principal Software Engineers reflect their interest in private companies, the rare 1% work at […]

100 Best Companies to Work for Junior Software Engineer by Total Comp in 2022

October 17, 2022
According to statistics, only 47% of software engineers work with a company for a year or two. The most common reason we have found them switching jobs is seeking an […]

VinnCorp Is Making Themselves Known in The IT Consulting Industry

September 28, 2022
The IT industry is the most effective vehicle for any company to achieve their goals and realize their potential. Unfortunately, it’s a time consuming process and demands a lot of […]

What is the Metaverse? An explanation

September 27, 2022
The idea of illusion is where there’s a distortion of the senses that is different from reality. Suppose the same idea is presented with the help of technology is known […]

How to find the most suitable Digital Marketing Agency?

September 27, 2022
Digital marketing contains digital content enhanced by using artificial intelligence tools. Such content is created in interactive ways, such as social media posts having a background story for the target […]

7 Ways Small Businesses Can create Their Social Media Presence

September 27, 2022
Small-scale businesses are privately owned enterprises with a lower level of employees, relatively low sales volume, and profits from the owner amongst all stakeholders. Such businesses face lower staff turnover […]

What is the difference between growth-driven design and conversion rate optimization (CRO)

September 27, 2022
With the world evolving at a very fast pace, newly developed approaches are incorporated into the tech world. Similarly, approaches to website designing are also taken into consideration. With that […]

Top 10 Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Best Practices

September 27, 2022
Any optimization effort is difficult. It may feel overwhelming to begin enhancing your present position and website, from keywords to conversions. If you are learning tips to better the CRO […]

What is CRO marketing, and how much does a CRO agency charge for the services?

September 27, 2022
CRO Marketing: CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) is a method through which you can increase the audience of your website who get some kind of service from it, such as filling […]

Microsoft Shutting Down Internet Explorer after 27 Years

June 16, 2022
Microsoft Windows, also called Windows and Windows OS, computer operating system developed by Microsoft Corporation for personal computers (PCs). Microsoft software is owned by Bill Gates, who launched Internet Explorer, a […]

15 Best agile project management software's for your teams

May 27, 2022
Businesses are advancing these days, which demands incorporating advanced tools, technologies, and methodologies. Corporations are looking for efficient ways to manage large teams. Therefore, scrum methodology and agile methodologies have […]

When do companies need Software Testing?

March 11, 2022
In today’s technology world, software plays an important part in everyday life and the industrial and commercial sectors. As we move toward a more digitally integrated world, software’s effect is […]

Which Project management software is the right fit for your team?

March 11, 2022
Remote teams desperately need to provide value to an organization by collaborating and sharing ideas daily. Without it, employees become stagnant, and inflexible systems replace creativity, failing to evolve and […]

What does Agile mean in software development and why do you need it?

March 11, 2022
What is Agile development? Agile is an incremental approach to development of software and project management, not merely a project management methodology or a set of tools and techniques. The […]

IT outsourcing trends in 2022

March 11, 2022
The global IT industry has evolved and becomes more complicated, requiring enterprises to meet the demands of their users both locally and globally. This is where outsourcing is a feasible […]

How to choose an outsourcing partner for software solutions

March 10, 2022
It doesn’t matter how big or little IT outsourcing firms are in today’s digital environment; what matters is how quickly they offer their products and services. Regardless of their size, […]