4 Primary Factors to Consider for Selling Products & Services

It is about revenue growth – that’s what I have been hearing for long years. However, in reality, our focus is vast.

Growth is all about sales, while businesses aren’t paying detailed attention to it.

This is Khurram Kalimi, Chief Operating Officer/Co-founder of VinnCorp, with 18 years of experience in the global technology world & sales.

Through my diverse experience, I am confident to say that your business needs the right approach to elevate sales and gain brand recognition.

Below, I have described the sales-boosting factors in detail. These are the result-oriented factors and come from my personal sales experiences.

Implementing these will get you high sales, the loyalty of customers, and a viable business for years to come.

Let’s begin with the “LESS-KNOWN” sales secrets now.

04 Primary Factors to Consider for Selling Products & Services

Who Are You Talking To?

Selling your product or service will be effortless if you know the role of the person you are talking to in the organogram of a company. This will help you present your product in such a way that the other person has no reason to say no to it.

Look out for the KPI of a business and the contact person before you want to propose your product or service. So, your product must align with the interest and stand out in front of the KPI of both the overall business and the contact person.

Relationship Building

Relationship building is the first step to getting potential sales and repeated clients. Make sure you strengthen your relationship with the client before putting forward your product or service.

How long has your client (or business friend) known you play an important role here? A level of trust based on previous transaction records will allow you to do business together and increase sales exponentially. People buy from people, and emotional attachment plays an important role. This should be limited by time as making relations with humans can’t be a target based thing, so you have to keep making relations like sowing seeds.

Word of Mouth

Give your clients an ultimate level of satisfaction. They must be pleased with your product or service to the core. Your service should leave a positive impact on their business and help it grow better than ever.

Your proven track record and valuable service will insist they refer your service to other businesses and increase their own work too. In the best case, they will recommend your product or service no matter where they are and with whom.


Research around the pain of your customers before you pitch your product or service. Put yourself in the client’s shoes and evaluate how you would want your problem to be solved with a product or service.

Once you understand the pain points of your client, present your product as a solution to it. Tell them what value it holds (specifically for them) and how easy it is to resolve the problem with your product.

Other Important Sales Factors to Consider

Customer Filtration

While customer filtration is an important subject, it’s given very low consideration. Check out the history of the client you plan to pitch. You must know the client’s background, type and working style to avoid future hassles and have peace of mind.

This approach will allow you to choose who can be your customer and who cannot. It will save a lot of time and increase efficiency in the long term. You will have to specifically see if there is a relevant team at the customer’s side who will use, implement, and value the product or service you are offering.

Growth is the Goal

Sales is about the continuous increase of revenue month over month and quarter over quarter. In that regard, follow the hockey stick model to multiply and achieve your monthly sales target.

While we all know continuous growth is the goal in sales, we should know how much time we have to invest in a particular lead. Refrain from investing a fraction of time in a single customer as it might not yield the expected results. Your focus should be on increasing the number of customers along with maintaining quality.

Channel Sales

Channel sales is a part of the reseller model where you make partners, and they introduce you to new customers on a revenue-sharing model. They act like your extended arms, and eventually, you end up having more sales teams at your disposal.

This has worked for me, but the key here is to have a high level of integrity, timely release of payments, and proper documentation to add value to these relations.

Use Case-Based Selling

Use case-based selling is connected to pains, problems, or issues any company or customer is facing. If you can make your product or service around solving that pain, you can exponentially increase sales with fewer efforts.

In this way, you can become an expert on that subject and offer your product or service to a large range of customers. Ultimately, this will boost sales and make wide use of your created product or offered service.

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