How to Build Successful Software Development Teams

An efficient team is the backbone of a business’s success. 75% of employees highlighted teamwork and collaboration as important.

However, filtering the best candidate and exporting them to your team might seem easy, but it isn’t. It needs days – sometimes months – of screening and interviews, and you still might not get the ideal candidate.

No matter how challenging the process is, we have cracked the code and are here with tips on how to build successful software development teams.

So, you can have a developer team that makes the projects error-free and catalyze the innovation process. Let’s take a look at them.

How to Build Successful Software Development Teams

Hire by Yourself

Hire all by yourself – especially if your business is in the initial stages. It will help you fetch and hire the exclusive talent with the traits you are in search of.

However, before starting the hunt, clear your head on the qualities and roles you want an employee for. We’d suggest you check the following factors in the candidates:

  • Critical Thinking: They should think out of the box and bring exclusive ideas to the table.
  • Previous Projects: Ask the candidate if they have experience with the same or similar projects lately. If yes, take a look at it to analyze the performance.
  • Responsible: Look if they are committed to the projects and are eager to see your company grow.

One pro tip is to build a software development team remotely. This will help you to reduce the resource cost and give access to a larger talent pool for efficient results.

Export Experienced Members

To build successful software development teams, it is imperative to export experienced members. You should select candidates with years of experience in the tech stack.

This will help you accelerate the growth of your business and move in the right direction. Magnetizing the experienced and highly skilled candidates to your software engineering teams will take some effort, though.

For instance, you’d need to write a compelling headline showcasing your business’s vision. An approach like this will pull the attention of the professionals and insist they apply.

In case you have limited resources and cannot afford an experienced developer team, hire passionate candidates and make them collaborate under the supervision of an expert.

Check the Soft Skills of a Member

Building a software development team takes more than deeming the candidate’s previous experience. It needs excellent collaboration and empathy towards the other teammates.

Analyze a candidate’s soft skills to build robust software developer teams. One should pay attention to detail, manage time efficiently, and solve problems like it never existed.

A team with these characteristic traits always nails and scale the company. In a few cases, if your employee is excellent at technical skills, you can develop soft skills in them.

Create a session for learning and bind the team together. Give them a specific task with a deadline and set the goal. This will get them on the same page and insist on working together to accomplish a common goal.

Create Healthy Environment

Managing software teams is as important as hiring an exclusive talent pool. To do so, you should provide them with a healthy atmosphere to work in.

Keep the employees from burnout. Give them a positive environment to learn and thrive. Appreciate them for their great performance or the role they played in the success of a project.

Remember, the positivity in the environment is directly proportional to your team’s physical and mental health. And keeping your employees healthy tops the list to retain them.

Providing your employees with the right tools and resources is also a part of keeping them working easily and positively. So, make sure to keep your employees fulfilled.

Manage Strong Communication

Effective communication helps you in managing software development teams like nothing else. Your employees feel connected to you in the workplace with the increased level of productivity, and 71% of employees agreed to it.

Not only this, but it also helps in employee engagement. That said, your employees will be less likely to leave the organization and form an excellent team that works, thrive, and celebrate success together.

Try to be as lenient with your team as you can. Sit with them to apprehend the ideas they have. Some of the questions you can ask them to initiate conversation and fill yourself in the work details are:

  • What projects are they working on?
  • What is the progress of the project?
  • How do they think the speed or efficiency of the project can be improved?

You can also inquire your employees on what improvements they believe can be made – in terms of technical resources or the workplace environment. This will also give you insights into what your software development teams are up to.

Check and Balance Projects

A survey was carried out on 1000 employees in the US last year. It reflects that 89% of employees have been through burnout.

Out of them, 70% of employees reported leaving the job due to burnout. That means checking and balancing on projects is vital to retain your software developer teams.

Distribute work evenly to your entire team. Take one project at a time – especially if it’s time-consuming and takes good effort.

Keep a close check if everyone’s working at their full capacity. Pushing them beyond one might not get you effective results.

Allow Making Mistakes

Take a different approach to development team management than other businesses – making mistakes. While mistakes were considered a downfall for the company years back, now they are given much value.

Mistakes help your software development teams grow. In a poll question to give a suggestion to small businesses when starting, results state that 39% of small businesses voted not to be afraid of making mistakes.

Take mistakes as a part of the learning process, development, and innovation your business and the tech world need. So, allow your employees to be comfortable when making mistakes.

This will not only restore their confidence while working on a project but allow them to explore for growth. Remember, just like you own your team, own their mistakes.

However, you shouldn’t make it a routine practice but ask your employees to learn from their mistakes and try to avoid repeating them. So, they develop this exclusive practice of growth.

Team Discussions

Initiate the culture of meetings and discussions with your software developer team. Mention to them that they will have to spare a chunk of time and discuss their weekly tasks with you.

Weekly discussions or meetings help you exchange thoughts with your team and bring you on the same page with them. It also creates a strong connection and allows them to propose new ideas for the upcoming project.

You should give your team individual performance reports, highlight the areas of improvement, and share your thoughts on the improvement of a specific project. But this doesn’t mean giving them a firm order. Instead, discussions where all of you can engage and bring creative ideas for scaling the business.

To develop the interest of your software development teams in meetings and keep them active throughout, try to take a fun approach. For instance, creating a space with snacks and comfy chairs or setting an outdoor meeting.

Continuous Improvements

Improvements are the core for building and managing a software development team and scaling your business. You should pay attention to detail and:

  • Encourage Questions: Give your team leniency to vocalize their thoughts. Allow them to ask questions to get a clear direction and sync with your vision.
  • Allow Them to be Creative: Insist them to keep their projects aside for a few minutes every week and be creative with their thoughts.
  • Provide Feedback: Communicate their feedback so they can work on themselves – ultimately being a strong player for your software development team.

Besides these, you should also connect with your team at a personal level. This will help you better get an idea of their perception and pump them to perform better.


Building a software development team is imperative since the smart addition to the team help attain your business’s growth.

To do so, you should take a step ahead and hire a few senior resources by yourself. During the hiring process, check on the candidate’s soft skills and experience.

Besides that, creating a healthy environment, managing strong communication, checking and balancing projects, allowing mistakes, and continuous improvement also help form successful software development teams.

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