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VinnCorp Bridged the Right Students with the Right Teachers, Building FastLearner


FastLearner is a top Learning Management System in the USA. It is an IT-specialized learning portal that allows students to register, study, and learn at their own pace from the comfort of their homes.

The Challenge

Students didn’t receive the information from LMS they anticipated or had to pay a dime to buy multiple courses. They also had to wait for a couple of days to receive answers when they posted one. They didn't have a teacher or resources to address their question immediately. To find a possible solution and meet the needs of students, team FastLearner contacted VinnCorp.

The Roadmap

VinnCorp designed use cases considering the top 5 global learning platforms on the parameters of quality, active users, and quality control. Utilizing these use cases, we designed mockups within 3 weeks while our team spent 2 weeks on prototyping. Ultimately, team FastLearner approved the design and requested immediate development.

The Solution

Within 3 months, we completed the development of FastLearner while using the MERN tech stack. We integrated an AI chatbot in FastLearner that answers students immediately. Implementing a monthly subscription bundle, we helped FastLearner charge a minimal monthly subscription fee while offering students unlimited courses.

For better understanding, students can also pick a teacher they want to study from. While they will receive the relevant certificate despite the teacher of their course. FastLearner is becoming the new favorite of students for its extensive features and affordable learning options.

The Roadmap

Through cutting-edge technology and a deep understanding of user needs, VinnCorp empowered FastLearner to overcome challenges and emerge as a top-tier Learning Management System in the USA. Together, VinnCorp and FastLearner have set a new standard for excellence in the online education landscape, benefiting students nationwide.

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