Top 10 Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Best Practices

Any optimization effort is difficult. It may feel overwhelming to begin enhancing your present position and website, from keywords to conversions.

If you are learning tips to better the CRO below are the 10 CRO best practices that can exponentially increase the metrics.


 1. Know Your Goals

Define your goals for your portal’s conversion rate optimization because goals will help you determine what steps you will take to achieve a better conversion rate.

You can set different goals your visitors can perform, which will help improve your CRO. For example, incorporate the concept of sales funnel and get great outcomes. CRO-related goals may include:

  • Increased Form filling
  • Increased sign-ups for new accounts
  • Increased clicks on a CTA button
  • Downloading content
  • Software downloads

2. Identify Target Audience

An important task for your web page conversion rate optimization. In this, you will have to define what type of audience you are trying to target.

Conversion optimization best practices will help you know if the wrong audience is attracted to your webpage. It will be of no benefit to knowing your correct target audience.

It is essential to conduct in-depth research to collect information on your audience’s likes and dislikes. Benefitting in marketing your business better and improving your CRO.

To collect information on your audience:

  • Conduct online surveys
  • Use demographics
  • Know their hobbies and interests
  • Relevance to your business

Creating marketing personas and fictional representations of your consumers effectively reaches new and similar customers. These marketing personas will assist you in better comprehending your target market.

Further enabling you to reach more potential customers and increase conversions for your company.

3. Better Marketing

This practice holds great importance to your conversion rates, and the audience wants to know about the qualities of your products and services. Essential for boosting conversions for your business. Instead of focusing on why their product or service is the best fit for their audience, many businesses make the mistake of emphasizing why their organization is the best option.

Your audience is not interested in hearing about how fantastic your business is or why you’re the best. They want to know how using your goods or services will benefit them and improve their quality of life. When showing the value of your product or service, you must adopt a customer-focused strategy.

With this approach, you will let the customer know why they would want to buy your product or service and why it is favorable to them. More individuals will convert if you concentrate on their needs and problems when marketing your goods and services and address them.

4. Use Advertisements.

To boost your conversion rates, you can use advertisements of different types; mostly, paid advertisements help gain more conversions. You place your adverts in front of individuals who want to see your goods or services using advanced audience targeting, keyword targeting, and other strategies. You’ll be able to convert more of the qualified leads you reach into customers.

Types of ads you can have:

  1. Social media ads: These ads appear in the users’ news feeds, where they can see posts from different accounts. This helps gain more customers and reach more people as nowadays, and everyone is on social media.
  2. Search ads: These are viewed at the top of google search results above organic listings and are pay-per-click ads
  3. Display ads: These are visual advertisements that appear on web pages within the Google display network.

Marketing through these different ways will attract more audience to your products and services, and this increase engagement that will help improve the conversion rates of your page.

5. Don’t Follow Your Competitors.

It is important to note that what will work for your competitors’ sites will not necessarily be working for you because your competitor will have different web content as opposed to yours. This is a very sensitive and emotional concern to address as we want to know what our visitors like and let them complete the tasks that they want to achieve from our web page.

When we replicate someone else, we have no idea if they have the solution or if it will be effective for our visitors. There are so many unresolved questions. Is it successful for them? How did they develop the concept? We don’t know what problem they were attempting to tackle or whether we are currently participating in one of their trials. So it is better to make your own strategies and see what works best for you.

6. Modify your forms

Optimize your forms in a way that visitors find it easy and not time-consuming to read and fill them. Forms are a potential way to increase your conversion rates. You must examine your forms to determine any obstacles that might prevent your audience from submitting them. A heatmap may provide you with a clear picture of where your audience is clicking the most.

7. Provide Honest Reviews

Users find a business authentic when they find reviews and ratings from other people. This ensures them that the product or service you are offering is reliable and a quality-based service. Because it demonstrates customers’ positive experiences with your business, providing social proof can help you increase conversions. This is because it gives potential customers more confidence to choose you.

8. Provide Details with CTA (call to action) Buttons

Any CTA button should have a detailed description of what the button is supposed to do, or else it gets the user confused as to what action will be performed if they click it. For example, if the CTA button just says download, then the user gets confused about what application or tool is going to be downloaded if they click it, and hence they hesitate to click the CTA button. However, a button saying download Adobe XD defines clearly that Adobe XD will be downloaded by their click, and conversion rates will increase.

9. Keep Tracking

Tracking your goals is necessary to know if your planned strategies are working or if you need a change of plan. The actual measurement of your aim is tracking, which includes things like form submissions, button, and link clicks, page visits, etc. This may apply to either pages or events. The testing tool’s built-in target definition is a welcome development. Simply define the event click, link click, destination page, etc., straight from your experiment.

10. Don’t Stop Testing

In the end, continue testing everything like campaigns, form submissions, and keep track of your posts. Change your strategies until and unless you find the right strategy for you and get the optimal conversion rates for your webpage. This continuous testing will get you the best optimization method.

CRO Can Lead To Higher Ranking

Increasing the proportion of users who perform a wanted action on a website is called conversion rate optimization (CRO).

The CRO of any website depends on the goal setting of an organization. If the main goal is to attract consumers to buy a product or service on a portal, the conversion rate will improve and lead to a higher ranking.

CRO will optimize your website’s conversion rates using different CRO practices; the better your design and copy reach qualified prospects, the higher the conversion rates.


The reaction of Netizens to shutting down Internet Explorer

“Is internet explorer shutting down?” has been the most asked question by the users as soon as the news about its shutdown has been released because in some way or another its users have an association with the legacy it holds. Some audiences also express disappointment because it is still used for administrative purposes in regions like Asia.

MIT Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence Laboratory tweeted “Rest in peace, Internet Explorer. You’ll be missed. We feel old.” Tom Warren, a Senior Editor for The Verge reacted to Internet Explorer’s shut down by tweeting a meme and stating: “is internet explorer truly dead?”; Many prominent personalities, organizations, and people had shown their concern for its shut down; but at the same time relieved because according to them Chrome has been the ultimate user-friendly browser for them.

Shutting down Internet Explorer was right or not?

However, the real question arises whether shutting down Internet Explorer has given an advantage to its competitors or was never a threat? The exit of Internet Explorer from the digital market was a mere formality because its demise had taken place long before its announcement. It was nothing but an e-store for users to download other browsers i.e Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc. Google stayed in the market because it constantly updated its features and kept on synchronizing data with other devices.

The digital market moves forward rigorously by constantly changing the algorithms of its server, apps, etc to meet the consumers’ demand. Those who made it and are still in the market should be vigilant in identifying and implementing changes; otherwise, those browsers and firms may have to face the consequences of dying and disappearing.


However, for developers and those wishing to access legacy applications, Edge has an inbuilt “IE mode”. As a result, Microsoft says access to its legacy desktop browser will remain available on older versions of Windows, including Windows 8.1, Windows 7 Extended Security Updates; and limited versions of Windows 10. In addition, Internet Explorer’s legacy will live on long after its retirement since it came pre-installed on Windows computers for more than two decades.

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