How to Evaluate the Skills and Experience of iOS Developers

Apple now has a net worth of $3 trillion. These massive numbers make it a huge demand for iOS developers as more and more businesses are investing in iOS mobile apps to tap into the iOS market.

Businesses are actively looking for iOS developers who are well-versed in designing, developing, testing, and maintaining apps for iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches, and Apple TVs. On the contrary, the skills and experience of iOS developers range from programming languages to frameworks. That includes Swift, Objective C, UIKit, Core Data, Xcode, Git, and more to develop highly intuitive, responsive apps to fulfill the demands of their customers and employers.

But how do you evaluate their abilities and expertise to make sure they build high-quality apps on your schedule and budget? We will provide expert advice and best practices in this blog article on assessing the qualifications and working knowledge of prospective iOS developers.

But first, let’s find out…

Top Concerns for Building an iOS Mobile App

Building an iOS app for your company can be a satisfying and lucrative endeavor. But there are certain challenges and factors to take into account. When deciding to build an iOS app, keep the following main considerations in mind:

The Target Market and Audience

You must comprehend your potential customers, their demands and expectations, and how they utilize technology. Examine the market’s size, competitors, and trends. You can use these insights to establish your app’s features, design, and revenue plan.

The Procedure for Creating an App

For the development of your app, you must choose the appropriate tools, technologies, and processes. Utilize cross-platform frameworks like Flutter or React Native or native iOS programming tools like Xcode and Swift.

The best procedures for coding, testing, debugging, and deploying your software must all be followed. To successfully and efficiently manage your app development project, adopt agile management techniques like Scrum or Kanban.

The User Experience and App Design

You must develop user-friendly, visually appealing software that adheres to the human interface concepts and the iOS design standards. The design, navigation, typography, color scheme, icons, animations, and user interactions of your app must all be taken into account. Additionally, your software should be optimized for various screen sizes, orientations, and devices. Create the UI and UX of your app using programs like Sketch or Figma.

Security and Privacy of Your App

Make sure your app is secure, maintaining the confidentiality of your user data. Utilize encryption, authentication, authorization, and other security procedures to guard against unwanted access, data breaches, and cyberattacks. Adhere to the iOS App Store Review Guidelines and any applicable privacy and data protection legislation in your target areas. To protect your app’s backend and data storage, use solutions like Firebase or AWS.

App Marketing and Distribution

Effectively market your app to your target audience. Develop a marketing strategy that takes into account tactics for paid advertising, social media marketing, email marketing, influencer marketing, and app store optimization (ASO). Additionally, you must submit your software to the iOS software Store and adhere to the approval requirements. To monitor the usage and analytics of your app, utilize programs like App Annie or Sensor Tower.

5 Simple Steps to Evaluate the Skills and Experience Of iOS Developers

1. Specify the Demands and Expectations for Your Project

Have a clear idea and understanding of the type of your app you want to build. That includes the features, functionality, platform, and devices it should support. You also need to know the guidelines your design and user interface must follow along with your specific timeline.

Specify the quality standards and your budget, how much you’re willing to spend on your ideal mobile app before you’re about to hire an iOS developer for your project. When you’re specific and focused in your approach and clearly understand your project’s scope and requirements, narrow down your search for the best iOS developer.

2. Find a Portfolio and Pertinent References

Reviewing the candidate’s past work is one of the best ways to evaluate the skills and experience of iOS developers. This gives you a good idea of their coding style, design sensibilities, creativity, meticulousness, and problem-solving skills when you go through their portfolio of iOS apps on which they have worked previously.

Look at the ratings, reviews, feedback, and comments of their iOS apps on the App Store and other online platforms. And if you want to deepen your knowledge of your prospective iOS developers, you can also gain feedback from their prior employers. The feedback about their professionalism, work ethic, transferable skills, transparency, reliability, communication skills, etc.

3. Hold Interviews and Technical Evaluations

Technical testing and interviews are crucial for assessing the knowledge and experience of iOS developers. It gives you a sound understanding of a developer’s knowledge of a variety of iOS-related subjects, including Swift or Objective-C syntax, data structures and algorithms, memory management, multithreading, debugging, unit testing, continuous integration, etc.

To design new tests or employ ones that are already defined, you can use internet tools like HackerRank or Codility. Request the candidate to finish a sample app or a quick coding task pertinent to your project. Ask them open-ended questions on how they would handle a specific issue or scenario, what resources or frameworks they would employ, what difficulties or trade-offs they would encounter, etc.

4. Verify Cultural Fit and Non-Technical Skills

Consider and assess a candidate’s non-technical skills to determine whether they are culturally competent for your organization. The non-technical skills include communication skills, inventive thinking, flexibility, teamwork, critical thinking, and interpersonal skills. The iOS developer you want to work with should be able to collaborate effectively with other team members or stakeholders easily.

Evaluate these abilities by keeping a keen eye on their interaction with you and your team during the hiring process. For instance, how they respond to your messages, calls, or emails, how they present their ideas or work, and how they organize their code or documentation. Can they deal with constructive criticism or feedback professionally? How do they respond to your comments, suggestions, or ideas?

5. Evaluate Various Candidates

Instead of deciding on a single factor or criterion, weigh out various factors to determine whether a candidate is qualified for the job. Use a scoring or ranking system to evaluate each candidate on a variety of factors, including technical skills, non-technical skills, cultural background, professionalism, portfolio quality, test results, interview performance, and more.

Leverage a weighting system to give several areas varying degrees of importance. Run a simple comparison of candidates, and work out their pros and cons based on the evaluation criteria. Whatever pan out, choose the candidate that completely fits the criteria and has the potential to meet your project’s requirements and expectations.

What is the Cost of Hiring iOS Developers Across the World?

Cost of hiring

The cost of hiring an iOS developer differs anywhere in the world depending on a number of variables, including the developer’s credentials, abilities, experience, location, technology, and project complexity. The following are the typical hourly rates and annual costs for iOS developers across various locations, according to several sources:

  • US: $135,909 per year or $58.23 per hour
  • Canada: $90,244 per year or $43.39 per hour
  • Australia: $70,669 per year or $33.98 per hour
  • UK: £38,675 per year or £18.60 per hour
  • Asia: $60,000 per year or $28.85 per hour
  • Ukraine: $28,200 per year or $13.56 per hour


Hiring iOS developers can be a difficult and time-consuming process that is both rewarding and advantageous for your company. You can more effectively and efficiently assess the knowledge and experience of iOS developers using the expert advice above.

And if you still find it a hustle, VinnCorp has got you covered. We are a remote talent company with experience iOS developers, having a proven track record. Building apps for a range of industry verticals, our developers build top-notch apps driving a 95% user satisfaction rate all while increasing your business revenue.

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