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Hire an AI developer through VinnCorp to open your doors to a futuristic world where you lead. Our pre-vetted developers create intelligent AI solutions with a focus on cutting-edge technology and algorithms involving their machine learning expertise. They aim to transform your ideas into captivating, high-performing, innovative AI applications to enhance your customer engagement and satisfaction and drive high revenues.

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Our Clients

We take great pride in our client satisfaction when they hire AI engineers through VinnCorp. Our team is dedicated to serving our clients and ensuring that their path to success is seamless. We invite you to join hands with us and accelerate your pace of innovation.

Use Cases

Image and Speech Recognition

Hire AI developers through VinnCorp to enhance your customer experiences, improve operational efficiency, and drive data-driven decision-making. They have a comprehensive understanding of advanced machine learning algorithms and neural networks. Using their skills, they build sophisticated models to analyze and interpret your images and speech data accurately. They help you streamline various processes, such as image classification, object detection, facial recognition, and speech-to-text conversion.

Natural Language Processing

Hire AI developers to improve efficiency, enhance communication, and unlock new business growth opportunities. Our pre-vetted AI developers build advanced algorithms and models to automate language-related tasks, such as text classification, sentiment analysis, language translation, named entity recognition, and chatbot development. Through NLP, they help you extract meaningful information, understand customer sentiments, personalize user experiences, automate customer support, and gain actionable insights from large volumes of your text data.

Robotics and Automation

Hire software engineer AI to increase productivity, save costs, and keep your pace with advancements. Our pre-configured AI developers build intelligent robotic systems that perform complex tasks with precision and adaptability. Designing and implementing machine learning models, they allow robots to learn from data and make autonomous decisions. This, in return, automates repetitive and labor-intensive processes, enhances productivity, mitigates errors, and improves your business’s operational efficiency.

Fraud Detection

Hire an AI engineer to stay one step ahead of evolving fraudulent techniques and ultimately combat fraud in today’s digital landscape. Our pre-qualified developers build exclusive AI models to analyze large volumes of your transactional data in real-time, identifying patterns, anomalies, and suspicious activities indicative of fraudulent behavior. They automate your flagging process and investigate potential fraud cases, minimizing losses, protecting customers, and safeguarding your reputation.

Recommendation Systems

Hire AI developers to leverage the power of recommendation systems to enhance your customer experiences and increase business revenue. Our pre-screened AI developers analyze vast amounts of your user data, including preferences, behaviors, and past interactions, to generate personalized recommendations. They use these recommendations across various industries, such as e-commerce, streaming platforms, and content platforms, to provide your users with tailored suggestions that match their interests and needs.



Hire AI engineers highly skilled in TensorFlow to unlock the full potential of AI technology, driving innovation and giving you a competitive advantage. Our pool of experts uses TensorFlow to create advanced AI models efficiently. They use its extensive library of pre-built functions and APIs to develop and deploy cutting-edge AI applications for various use cases. These use cases include image and speech recognition, natural language processing, recommendation systems, and more.


Hire AI developers having long-standing experience in PyTorch to stay at the forefront of AI innovation and lead in your business industry. Our rigorously selected developers leverage advanced techniques like transfer learning, reinforcement learning, and generative modeling to tackle various challenges your business comes across. Through PyTorch’s flexibility, they rapidly prototype and iterate models, making it ideal for research and development.


Hire AI developers having long years of experience in Keras to gain insights, enhance your customer experiences, and drive innovation in your respective industries. Our vetted developers use Keras to build and fine-tune various types of models, including convolutional neural networks (CNNs), recurrent neural networks (RNNs), and generative adversarial networks (GANs). They help you streamline the development process, improve model performance, and accelerate time to deployment.


Hire an AI engineer with a rich background in Theano to improve the overall operational efficiency of your business. Our pre-configured AI developer provides you with valuable support through this powerful numerical computation library. They design and optimize complex models, handle large-scale datasets, and perform computations on GPUs. Ultimately, they help you develop efficient and accurate AI solutions and automate processes.


Hire AI developers being highly skilled in Caffe to develop state-of-the-art computer vision solutions, improve accuracy, automate visual tasks, and drive innovation. Our top-tier experts are excelled in tasks like image classification, object detection, and segmentation, making it ideal for your computer vision applications. They benefit your business through faster training times of CNNs, efficient memory usage, and seamless integration with GPU acceleration.



Hire artificial intelligence experts with strong expertise in OpenCV to harness the power of this versatile computer vision library. Our pre-vetted help you automate visual inspection processes, develop intelligent surveillance systems, enhance your image and video-based applications, and extract valuable insights from your visual data to help you make informed decisions. Whether you are in the manufacturing or healthcare industry, they will help you drive innovation.

NLTK (Natural Language Toolkit)

Hire AI developers having strong command over NLTK to enhance your customer experiences, automate customer support, personalized recommendations, and analyze social media sentiments. Our pre-screened experts use various resources for tasks, including tokenization, stemming, part-of-speech tagging, named entity recognition, and sentiment analysis to extract valuable insights from your data and automate language-related tasks.


Hire an Artificial intelligence expert having years of experience in OpenNN to optimize your model performance, handle large-scale datasets efficiently, and integrate neural networks into existing systems. Our pre-qualified AI developers use its tools and algorithms for designing, training, and deploying neural networks. They develop and fine-tune powerful models for various tasks, including classification, regression, time series prediction, and anomaly detection.


Hire an AI engineer having a strong background in Scikit-learn to optimize resources and improve overall operational efficiency. Our pre-screened AI developers use a wide range of algorithms and tools for various tasks, including classification, regression, clustering, and dimensionality reduction. They analyze and preprocess data, build predictive models, and evaluate your business performance.


Hire an AI expert in leveraging Armadillo and utilize this powerful C++ linear algebra library for your business’s success. Our pre-configured AI developers make full use of Armadillo’s high-level API for performing matrix and vector operations efficiently, which makes it ideal for tasks involving large-scale numerical computations. They develop and optimize algorithms for machine learning, signal processing, and statistical analysis.

Applications Built with AI

Siri (Apple's Virtual Assistant)

Siri is a virtual assistant that provides you with voice-based interactions and assists in various tasks. Siri leverages AI to continuously learn and improve its ability to understand and fulfill your requests over time. It adapts to your user’s preferences, provides personalized recommendations, and offers intelligent suggestions.

Alexa (Amazon's Virtual Assistant)

Like Siri, Alexa is a virtual assistant that responds to your voice commands and performs various tasks, such as playing music, providing weather updates, answering questions, and everything in between. Alexa continuously enhances its capabilities, expands its knowledge base, and provides you with increasingly accurate information through AI integration.

Google Assistant

Developed by Google, Google Assistant provides voice-based interactions and aids you with a wide range of tasks. Utilizing AI algorithms, it understands and interprets your commands, responds to queries, and performs various actions, such as sending messages, setting reminders, playing music, providing directions, and accessing information from the web.

Tesla Autopilot (Self-Driving Car Technology)

Tesla Autopilot is an advanced driver-assistance system (ADAS) for Tesla’s electric vehicles. It utilizes a combination of sensors, cameras, radar, and AI algorithms to detect and interpret the surrounding environment, including pedestrians and road conditions. This enables it to make informed decisions and control the vehicle’s operation efficiently, including acceleration, braking, and steering.

IBM Watson (AI Platform For Various Applications)

IBM Watson is an AI-powered platform that combines natural language processing, machine learning, and other AI technologies to provide advanced cognitive computing capabilities. Watson’s AI capabilities allow it to understand complex queries, process unstructured data, and extract valuable insights from documents, images, and videos.


Automation and Efficiency Improvement

Hire AI developers to bring innovative solutions to your business, automate workflows, improve productivity, and drive efficiency gains in various aspects of your operations. Our pre-vetted AI developers build intelligent systems to automate repetitive and mundane tasks, freeing up valuable human resources to focus on more strategic and creative activities. Additionally, they design and implement predictive models that forecast demand, optimize supply chains, and enhance resource allocation, leading to improved operational efficiency.

Enhanced Decision-Making Capabilities

Hire AI engineers through VinnCorp to make enhanced business decisions, stay competitive, identify new opportunities, and drive growth in your respective industry. Our pool of experts analyzes complex and diverse datasets to uncover valuable patterns and insights for making informed decisions, improving risk assessment, and optimizing resource allocation. Developing predictive models, they forecast market trends, and demand patterns, empowering your business to respond proactively to changing market dynamics.

Personalization and Recommendation

Hire an engineer to leverage the power of personalization and recommendation to create more meaningful and targeted interactions, resulting in improved customer loyalty and business growth. Our pre-configured AI developers analyze vast amounts of user data to understand individual preferences, behaviors, and interests. Keeping this analysis in view, they deliver highly personalized experiences to your customers, tailoring product recommendations, content suggestions, and marketing campaigns to individual needs.

Advanced Data Analysis and Insights

Hire an AI engineer to unlock the potential of your data, make informed decisions, and gain a competitive edge. Our pre-screened AI developers process and analyze large and complex datasets, identifying hidden patterns, correlations, and trends non-apparent to human analysts. Not only this, but they are also efficient in developing exceptional data visualization tools that present information in intuitive and meaningful ways, making it easier for your business to interpret and drive actionable insights.

Improved Customer Experience

Hire our pre-qualified and highly skilled artificial intelligence engineers to deliver seamless, tailored, and delightful experiences to your customers, ultimately driving customer loyalty and business growth. They develop chatbots and virtual assistants to provide personalized and efficient customer support around the clock. Leveraging natural language processing and sentiment analysis techniques, they gain insights from customer interactions and feedback to help you identify areas for improvement and enhance your products or services accordingly.

Why VinnCorp?

At VinnCorp, we prioritize our clients and their businesses above everything else. We got you covered in every area of the website and mobile development and will help you get results that exceed your expectations.

Quick Kick-Off

Why delay your success when you can have it ASAP? VinnCorp believes in this dogma and promises to provide you with an AI developer as quickly as 24 hours.

Customized Outputs

We work with you to understand your business idea and requirements. Let our AI developers put their expertise and insights into the project while you enjoy the success of your business objectives.

Highly Skilled Developers

Our AI developers are highly skilled and experienced. They know what works best for a brand like yours and will come up with an outcome to take your business to the next level.

Cost Optimization

VinnCorp helps you save 75% of overhead costs when hiring pre-configured AI developers compared to on-premise resources. They can help you strengthen the financial foundation and profitability of your business.

Matching Time Zone

Our top AI developers are always available to assist you according to your time zone. We provide 4 hours of time zone overlap and can go up to a full 8 hours per day if needed.

High-Retention Rate

VinnCorp provides mentorship, career development, and self and family medical insurance to AI developers to maximize retention. Remote engineers have great retention rates as they value the arrangement and strive to put their best foot forward to maintain it.

Make Your Dream Team in 3 Steps


Specify Your Requirements

With detailed information, we can provide you with the top AI developers to achieve your goals and grow your business. Brief us on your requirements by filling out the form. This will help us in getting to know your expectations. Leave the rest to us!


Interview the Best Matches

The AI developers are shortlisted through the intricate VinnCorp hiring and vetting process. Our recruiters make a team of remote experts under pre-agreed requirements. Optionally, you can set up interviews with the suggested experts to ensure that you hire AI developers that best suit you.


Scale Up Business Instantly

VinnCorp HR and management team handle the onboarding procedure, employee progress, and mentoring and guidance for employees. This results in your business getting maximum productivity, output, and results from the resources while limiting your management overheads. Taxes, vacations, and other administrative overheads are also managed by VinnCorp.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

VinnCorp is always here to discuss, strategize, and support your business with our AI developers for hire. We aim to be the bridge to your success with our highly experienced team. We’ll regularly update you about the project outcomes and will look to surpass your expectations.
VinnCorp’s hiring procedure has three stages. In the first stage, we shortlist the resumes of AI developers and select the top talents with the required years of experience and technical expertise. Next, we set up an HR and technical interview with the developer. Lastly, we test and evaluate the candidate’s skills on the ground level to validate their expertise.
The AI developer at VinnCorp has years of experience, advanced expertise, innovative thinking, problem-solving skills, commitment to quality, and a collaborative approach. They ensure open communication and actively involve clients throughout the development process to drive results surpassing their expectations.
Once we receive your form, we will approach you through email and set up a meeting to understand your requirements and goals. Next, we will share the CVs of our experienced freelance AI developers with you. You can go through them, interview the candidate instantly, and get started with the development right away.
Our pre-vetted AI developers use their expertise to unlock valuable insights from your data, enabling data-driven decision-making and identifying growth opportunities. Through process automation, they streamline operations, reduce manual effort, and enhance efficiency within your organization. By developing AI-powered solutions, such as chatbots or virtual assistants, they enhance your customer experiences, improve engagement, and drive repeat business.
Our high-tech talent range from software engineers, UI/UX designersproject managers, and product managers to finance experts. Software developers we have are mobile app developersfront-end developersback-end developersfull-stack developers and QA Engineers with top-notch skills in programming languages like Javascript, Python, AngularJS, or PHP. They also have years of experience in cross-platform projects in Android, iOS, and WordPress, building high-quality mobile applications, e-commerce stores, and SaaS and web applications. Additionally, we also have Digital Marketers, Content Writers, SEO experts, CRO Experts and Social Media Managers to back your needs.
Yes, you can bring an AI developer into your company with a written mutual agreement. We will discuss your requirements and sign an agreement so you can start immediately.

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Every VinnCorp AI developer works on the latest technologies and advanced tools to make your system functional, robust, and timeless while working within time and budget constraints. Hire AI developers at VinnCorp to address the needs of your business.

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