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Hire a Salesforce administrator through VinnCorp for the optimum execution of the Salesforce platform. A Salesforce administrator is a professional that manages, customizes, and configures the Salesforce platform to meet the end goal of your business. Our pre-vetted Salesforce administrators are experts in a vast range of industries, work in a collaborative fashion, and customize solutions to enhance business productivity and user experience to elevate growth.
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Prompt action on your requirements within 24 hours
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Our Clients

We take great pride in our client's satisfaction when they hire Salesforce administrators through VinnCorp. Our team is dedicated to serving our clients and ensuring that their path to success is seamless. We invite you to join hands with us and accelerate your pace of innovation.

Management Skills

Management Skills

Product Management

Maximize your revenue with a product your customers are always looking for. Pre-vetted Salesforce administration resources at VinnCorp work on the development and improvement of a product line. They aim to create products with features in demand while eliminating outdated ones to make your product top-of-the-line and influence customers, appealing enough to buy and repeat.

User Management

Satisfy your users by giving them appropriate data and functionality access with the top-tier Salesforce administrator of VinnCorp. Our shortlisted Salesforce admins strongly condemn their responsibilities of user provisioning, access, permissions, roles, and maintenance. They ensure efficient use and platform protection, meeting your expectations.

Data Management

Hire Salesforce administrator through VinnCorp to protect your data and keep it accurate. Our pre-screened Salesforce administrators are proficient enough to keep your business data up-to-date, error-free, and in compliance with data protection regulations. So you get an accurate report on your business performance and make a sustainable marketing decision.


Maintain the confidentiality of your business data by hiring a pre-configured Salesforce administrator through VinnCorp. Our pool of experts has a proven track record of encrypting, masking, and protecting data saved in the Salesforce platform. They monitor user activity to mitigate data breaching risks and protect the integrity and availability of your business data.

Technical Skills

Automating Processes

Accelerate your business operations with our pre-qualified Sales force administrator. They automate processes to minimize the risk of errors and maximize the potential of the Salesforce platform. With the automation process, they also maintain consistency in the workflow and streamline tasks.

Analyzing Data

Our shortlisted Salesforce administrator deems into details with precision to optimize efficiency and accuracy. They analyze data to arrest possible errors and rectify them to manage your business’s sales process effectively. Additionally, they measure day-to-day performance, identify growth opportunities, and drive data-oriented decisions to scale your business.

Salesforce Technical Skills

Soft Skills

Soft Skills


Timely resolve the problems within your Salesforce platform in effective ways with VinnCorp’s pre-configured Salesforce admin. Our administrator pre-built solutions for problems that may arise while troubleshooting them before they get severe. They actively collaborate with a range of stakeholders to implement solutions and ensure smooth performance.


Get your stakeholders on the same page with VinnCorp’s pre-screened Salesforce administrator. Our Salesforce administrators have strong communications skills and ensure that everyone on the team has a clear understanding of the technical and non-technical aspects. They build strong relationships with stakeholders to remove roadblocks in the execution together.

Attention to Detail

Attention to detail is the core USP of our vetted Salesforce administrator. Responsible for configuring, customizing, and maintaining the Salesforce platform, they prevent major problems that can occur. They ensure error-free data integration and smooth functioning. Additionally, they keep an eye out if the applications are in compliance with the Salesforce platform.



Apex is a strongly typed object-oriented programming language used by Salesforce.com. By using this language, our pre-configured Salesforce administrators provide robust solutions. They develop custom mobile applications and automate business processes using Salesforce Mobile SDK. They also integrate artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities like Einstein language for natural language processing and include features for controlling security, data access, and permission sets. So your business can leverage streamlined processes and reduce operational costs.


Visualforce is a markup language used as a framework within the Salesforce platform. Our pre-qualified Salesforce administrator uses Visualforce to create customized user interfaces for Salesforce applications and optimize them for mobile devices. They troubleshoot issues and integrate the external system, such as social media platforms and Google Maps, to provide added features and unlock the full potential of Salesforce, giving you a competitive edge.


JavaScript is an extensively used programming language to build interactive web pages and applications that run on your user’s browsers. Using JavaScript in conjunction with other technologies like HTML and CSS, our pre-screened Salesforce administrators create dynamic pages with interactive elements such as forms, menus, sliders, and pop-up windows and allow for real-time updates. They utilize their expertise in JavaScript to trigger specific actions and achieve business goals.


HTML and CSS are the two foundational languages used to develop web pages. While HTML helps build the underlying structure and content of web pages, CSS allows the custom representation of web pages. Pre-qualified Salesforce employee at VinnCorp pairs their expertise in HTML/CSS with Salesforce to build visually appealing interfaces and use customization of Salesforce application as per your business objectives and branding. They optimize web pages using HTML/CSS to load quickly and appear in top positions of search engines, resulting in increased traffic and conversions.

Salesforce Administrator Language

Why VinnCorp?

At VinnCorp, we prioritize our clients and their businesses above everything else. We got you covered in every area of Salesforce CRM and will help you get results that exceed your expectations.

Quick Kick-Off

Why delay your success when you can have it ASAP? VinnCorp believes in this dogma and promises to provide you with a Salesforce administrator as quickly as 24 hours.

Customized Outputs

We work with you to understand your business idea and requirements. Let our Salesforce administrator put their expertise and insights into the project while you enjoy the success of your business objectives.

Highly Skilled Administrator

Our Salesforce administrators are highly skilled and experienced. They know what works best for a brand like yours and will come up with an outcome to take your business to the next level.

Cost Optimization

VinnCorp helps you save 75% of overhead costs when hiring a pre-configured Salesforce administrator compared to on-premise resources. They can help you strengthen the financial foundation and profitability of your business.

Matching Time Zone

Our top Salesforce administrators are always available to assist you according to your time zone. We provide 4 hours of time zone overlap and can go up to a full 8 hours per day if needed.

High-Retention Rate

VinnCorp provides mentorship, career development, and self and family medical insurance to Salesforce administrators to maximize retention. Remote engineers have great retention rates as they value the arrangement and strive to put their best foot forward to maintain it.

Make Your Dream Team in 3 Steps

Specify Your Requirements

With detailed information, we can provide you with the top Salesforce administrator to achieve your goals and grow your business. Brief us on your requirements by filling out the form. This will help us in getting to know your expectations. Leave the rest to us!

Interview the Best Matches

The Salesforce administrator are shortlisted through the intricate VinnCorp hiring and vetting process. Our recruiters make a team of remote experts under pre-agreed requirements. Optionally, you can set up interviews with the suggested experts to ensure that you hire a Salesforce administrator that best suits you.

Scale Up Business Instantly

VinnCorp HR and management team handle the onboarding procedure, employee progress, and mentoring and guidance for employees. This results in your business getting maximum productivity, output, and results from the resources while limiting your management overheads. Taxes, vacations, and other administrative overheads are also managed by VinnCorp.


VinnCorp is always here to discuss, strategize, and support your business with our Salesforce administrator for hire. We aim to be the bridge to your success with our highly experienced team. We’ll regularly update you about the project outcomes and will look to surpass your expectations.

How does VinnCorp hire a Salesforce administrator?

VinnCorp’s hiring procedure has three stages. In the first stage, we shortlist the resumes of Salesforce administrators and select the top talents with the required years of experience and technical expertise. Next, we set up an HR and technical interview with the administrator. Lastly, we test and evaluate the candidate's skills on the ground level to validate their expertise.

What makes Salesforce administrators at VinnCorp better than the rest?

Salesforce administrators provided by VinnCorp are great at problem-solving and have cutting-edge technical skills. Moreover, they are up-to-date with the latest tech trends. They pair their creativity with strong technical expertise to create customized and robust systems for your business. You’ll work with an awesome administrator who will work to help you achieve your objectives.

How can I hire Salesforce administrator in 24 hours?

Once we receive your form, we will approach you through email and set up a meeting to understand your requirements and goals. Next, we will share the CVs of our experienced freelance Salesforce administrators with you. You can go through them, interview the candidate instantly, and get started with the development right away.

How Our Salesforce administrator can help Your Business Grow?

Our Salesforce administrator will help you grow your business by customizing the Salesforce platform to meet your end goal. They actively collaborate with the stakeholders and provide actionable insights through reports and dashboards and troubleshoot problems. They also automate manual processes to ensure increased efficiency and productivity.

What type of talent does VinnCorp have?

Our high-tech talent ranges from software engineers, machine learning experts, UI/UX designers, project managers, and product managers to finance experts. Software developers we have are mobile app developers, front-end developers, back-end developers, full-stack developers and QA Engineers with top-notch skills in programming languages like Javascript, Python, AngularJS, or PHP. They also have years of experience in cross-platform projects in Android, iOS, and WordPress, building high-quality mobile applications, e-commerce stores, and SaaS and web applications. Additionally, we also have Digital Marketers, Content Writers, SEO experts, CRO Experts and Social Media Managers to back your needs.

Can I hire a Salesforce administrator from VinnCorp and bring him into our company?

Yes, you can bring a Salesforce administrator into your company with a written mutual agreement. We will discuss your requirements and sign an agreement so you can start immediately.

Don't Let Your Slow Recruitment Process Challenge Your Business Growth


Every VinnCorp Salesforce administrator works on the latest technologies and Salesforce CRM system to make your system functional, robust, and timeless while working within time and budget constraints. Hire Salesforce administrator at VinnCorp to address the needs of your business.





Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code





Visual Force

Visual Force



Salesforce DevTools

Salesforce DevTools

Salesforce Change Set Helper

Salesforce Change Set Helper

Front-end Developer
Back-End Developer
Java Developer
ReactJS Developer
NodeJS Developer
JS Developer
Angular Developer
PHP Developer
UI/UX Designer
iOS Developer
Android Developer
SEO Expert
Content Writer
Project Manager
Swift Developer

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VinnCorp is Headquartered in California, USA. A platform that provides the finest remote talent to cutting-edge businesses and entrepreneurs. We have provided awesome IT experts to 70+ satisfied clients worldwide. Here is what our clients are saying about us.

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