Social Media Brand Monitoring and Community Management System

BrandEquity is a solution to engage your audience, monitor your brand’s success through social media integration. It is the first-ever cutting-edge analytical intelligence tool in Pakistan to keep track of social media interaction with your brand.

The leading political campaign management Software

The leading political campaign management software, Socol has been developed to empower democracies through offering balloting ease. Through this medium, electric drill has been made easier which was a great accomplishment for the contributing parties as well as for the citizens.

Contactless Ordering System

Want to reserve a seat or pick up your delicious meal? If you’re smart, creative, and excited about innovative technology changing the way people enjoy food, meet Scan2Order—A seamless, easy-to-use contactless ordering system. We’re a QR Payment platform for restaurant subscriptions and real-world retail, aiming to bring innovation to the table.

A Secure Group Video Chat Platform

Socol Chat is a secure group video chat platform, which unites people from all around the world. With the Socol Chat platform, keep in touch with your friends, family, and loved ones no matter where they are and all at the same time.

Property Management Solutions

PRENT is an online software service specially designed for property owners, landlords, and builders. The aim of the product is to let the owners manage their property at a single source. With a comprehensive and interactive user interface, PRENT simplifies the tedious task of property management.