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Build Your High-Tech Remote Teams In 24 Hours

VinnCorp provides competent high-tech teams to align with your work model and time zones. Save your time and costs through remote hiring and manage the best software developers and high-tech resources from around the world. Accelerate innovation, accelerate your business.

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Build Your High-Tech Remote Teams In 24 Hours

Trust VinnCorp Because

Our executive leadership has decades' worth of experience in top tech firms. We understand the demands of identifying, nurturing and growing the top talent - at par with the best of the best. We have mastered the art of tapping into the previously untapped pockets of amazing talent and connecting them with cutting-edge startups and enterprises. We provide competent high-tech teams on demanding technologies to accelerate your business innovation and shorten your path to success. All our experts are pre-vetted for technical expertise, problem-solving and communication skills. We believe in providing you access to top-notch experts that are not highly skilled but matched to tailor fit your requirements.










Key Features

Faster Hiring Process

Our hiring consultants select fine engineers based on their expertise in soft and technical skills and adaptability to workplace culture.

High Retention Rate

We offer a competitive market salary to our employees with a great work-life balance. Other benefits we give them are medical care for their family members.

Saves 75% Off Your Team Formation Time

We help you save your precious time in execution. Our experts are trained with pre-existing resources and are familiar with the processes.

Deliver Cutting Edge Solutions

We emphasize picking top talent and providing you with awesome experts to drive results for you. The focus is on delivering top-notch solutions for your business.

Top Talent

VinnCorp regularly tests and interviews hundreds, if not thousands, of candidates and identifies the top talent on a continuous basis. We nurture and grow talent so that your business can get the best people and best solutions on demand.

Make Your Dream Team in 3 Steps

Specify Your Requirements

With the right and detailed information, we can provide you with the resources to achieve your goals and skyrocket your business like never before. Check out the form and fill it up with your requirements. So we know your expectations and provide you with custom fit experts.

Interview Your Best Matches

Our top hiring talent makes a team of remote developers under pre-agreed requirements. Selected candidates go through the recruitment process. You get a chance to set up the interviews as you want to ensure that you hire professionals.

Scale Up Business Instantly

We outfit remote developers' workspaces with essential equipment. Recruiters and team leaders handle the onboarding procedure, employee progress, and productive performance of employees. Taxes, vacations, and other administrative hassles are all managed by VinnCorp.

Our Top In-Demand Expertise

Web Development

We have skilled Front-end, Back-end, and Full Stack developers who have worked on online projects with unique challenges. To complete your important project with effective results, we provide you with a team working collectively towards your goals.

Mobile Development

VinnCorp offers end-to-end mobile app developers for large and complex tasks. With hands-on experience and deep knowledge of flutter and react native for application development, VinnCorp offers both android and iOS mobile development experts.

Digital Marketing

Start leveraging the power of digital marketing immediately to generate the outcomes that allow you to grow into new markets, hire more team members, and make significant strides in your sector.

Project Management

VinnCorp is a talent platform with highly experienced and professional project managers. Our project managers are trained in accordance with Project Management Professional (PMP) standards and are experts at managing sophisticated projects.


We offer a specialized design team with UI/UX and graphic designers to provide appealing product designs. We keep users' demands and corporate objectives in mind while creating your product.

Quality Assurance

We provide Quality Assurance and test automation engineers with a keen eye for identifying errors and removing them from your website and application. So, your customers stay satisfied and become loyal to your business.

A Specific Service, For a Specific Need

Staff Augmentation

We visit a candidate’s profile to know their level of expertise. Shortlist them for an interview to validate the expertise they promise of. Finally, we pick the top talents after testing them for their skills and set up an interview with you.

Remote Teams

Each team member may work from a different location, but you have the option of specifying the time zone for team availability. Our remote development teams are mentored to fit your work style and project needs with a highly professional and competitive attitude.


We have highly skilled experts in respected domains to help you achieve the milestones you have planned for. Custom software engineering advice for choosing and creating an effective architecture and design aligning with your company's needs. Our consultants are hands-on and can assist with both design and implementation.

Success Stories

VinnCorp is a platform that believes in solving the problems of business and enterprise by leveraging the best experts from around the world. Our aim is to strengthen your business and help you unleash its full potential. We have already done this for 70+ clients. Allow us to help you stay strong and innovative in the online world.

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Client Testimonials

Discuss Your Project with Our Creative Minds and Get Valuable Insights.

VinnCorp has been practicing Tuckman's model within the organization for the development team to grow, face challenges, find prompt solutions, and deliver desired products. Freedom fromTime Consuming Hiring Process The Team Is Identified, Recruitedand Built. Healthy debates and discussions tocome to agreements. High performance team with a momentumof delivery. Team Jelling Together and Focusingon Delivery. You Will Startfrom Here 01 04 02 03 Forming Performing Storming Norming
Freedom fromTime Consuming Hiring Process VinnCorp has been practicing Tuckman's model within the organization for the development team to grow, face challenges, find prompt solutions, and deliver desired products. The team is identified,recruited and built. Healthy debates anddiscussions to come toagreements. High performance team witha momentum of delivery. Team jelling together andfocusing on delivery. Forming Storming Performing Norming You Will Startfrom Here

Clients' Words

VinnCorp is Headquartered in California, USA. A platform that links cutting-edge businesses and entrepreneurs with the finest remote talent. We have provided great IT Development experts to 70+ satisfied clients worldwide. Not only do we satisfy our clients, but we retain them back. Here is what our clients are saying about us.

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It was never this simple and quick before as now. Let’s join hands to get value for your time and plan your business’s success together.

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We will process your requirements and get back to you with top-tier experts in less than 24 hours. You will be satisfied as our previous clients are. VinnCorp believes in providing the best solution to businesses ensuring success with the top talents in the market. We offer experts worldwide and have 70+ satisfied clients, growing exponentially.

On Board Your Top Talent to Skyrocket Your Business Growth On Board Your Top Talent to Skyrocket
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